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Innovative Legal Counsel for Individuals

Many individuals perceive the legal system as vastly complex and confusing.
Our approach is to create peace of mind as we plan together.

Automobile Accidents, Falls & Personal Injury

When injured - be it in an automobile accident, a fall, or sustained personal harm - it may be hard to think straight in the aftermath. Many times, the damage goes far beyond what you originally imagined, and the compensation you deserve extends past medical bills or car repair.

At Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell, we understand these needs and will fight for all of the compensation you require in order to heal and move on past your injuries. Our legal team has dozens of years of experience negotiating with insurance providers, as well as litigating claims to the conclusion in the courtroom when all other means of claims resolution fails.

Our attorneys put your needs first and will litigate to the fullest extent, whether before an administrative agency, an arbitration panel or in a classic courtroom setting. Our long history and experience throughout Connecticut mean you'll receive crucial and effective legal representation. We stand up for you against large insurance companies, and we make sure you receive the maximum possible recovery in your personal injury or automobile accident case.

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