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Worker's Compensation

If you are injured during the course of your employment, or if you have an existing injury which is aggravated by your work, Connecticut’s Worker's Compensation Law entitles you to receive payment for medical and other related expenses, lost wages, permanent injuries that you sustain and for other specified covered losses. You may also be entitled to benefits if you contract a disease or suffer an occupational injury that is caused by, or aggravated by the work that you perform. Dependent spouses who survive an employee who has died in a work-related accident may also be entitled to benefits. There may be other insurance benefits available to you if you have been injured while working.


However, there are notice, statutory, and other legal requirements that must be met before one is entitled to the protection of Connecticut’s worker's compensation statutes. Failing to comply with these requirements can jeopardize an employee’s right to seek workers' compensation benefits for a work-related injury. You need an attorney that can help you meet the legal requirements necessary for you to receive benefits.


The worker's compensation lawyers of Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell will answer your questions and are ready to provide skilled legal guidance if you are injured on the job. Our team will make sure that you receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to and that your interests are protected. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality of legal services to our clients.


Our team of experienced lawyers and professional staff will work for you and stand ready to use our considerable resources and experience on your behalf. 

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