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Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts 

Estate planning is the key to a successful transition when you pass away. The drafting of a will and trust, and other estate planning documents, is critical to protect your family, your family’s wealth and create an orderly and tax-efficient distribution of your assets upon your passing. While no one wants to think about one’s mortality, creating a comprehensive estate plan during your lifetime can be a thoughtful strategy that your future generations will be thankful for. Through thoughtful and careful estate planning the care, custody, and financial security of your minor children can be provided for, any unique circumstances that you are concerned about after your death can become a part of your estate plan, as well as providing for any gifts or charitable bequests. Estate planning is exactly what it is meant to be, the law provides you with a final opportunity to provide some structure and detail to your estate, expressing your instructions on how certain matters should be handled after your death. It is an opportunity that should not be missed, as these decisions can go to the very fabric of your family life and how your family will continue after your passing. Having an estate planning lawyer that can guide you through this process can provide you with the peace of mind that your family and its assets are protected.

Estate planning begins with a complete financial review, one that analyzes the different areas of our client’s financial life, including assets, liabilities, and goals. Careful estate planning requires a thorough financial review in order to effectively minimize federal and state estate taxes, protect and transfer your wealth to designated family members, pass on a lasting legacy or fulfill a philanthropic desire. The estate planning attorneys at Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell can help guide you through this process and advise you on an estate plan that best meets your needs and desires.

At Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell, our attorneys work with the individual, the family accountant, insurance agent, and other family financial planners and advisors to create the estate plan which is appropriate regarding the minimization of federal and state taxes, and also accurate with regard to the distribution of assets. Our estate planning attorneys create the appropriate legal documents to implement the estate plan, the tax plan, and all of the other essential plan elements. These documents are created within the framework of the law, but always keeping in mind our client’s desires and goals.

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