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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Creative Legal Counsel for Business

Legal services are often measured in terms of experience and reputation. With this foundation in place, Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell is well-positioned to represent the interests of larger institutions on a broad range of significant, complex issues.

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Compliance with Local, State & Federal Regulations

Governmental regulations – whether adopted by Connecticut towns and cities, the state of Connecticut, or the United States government – can be daunting and present a profound challenge to the way you do business. Connecticut and US laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations change frequently and often with little or no general warning. Regulatory hurdles can be complicated and at times appear to be insurmountable.

The legal team at Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell, P.C. helps both small businesses and large corporations deal with the broad range of issues they face in successfully staying within the regulations set by Connecticut and United States authorities. We provide advice to clients on a wide variety of regulatory issues, such as environmental, taxation, safety, insurance, and employment.

We advise and counsel clients in understanding and complying with all Connecticut state, municipal, and federal regulations, allowing their businesses to move ahead with the confidence that comes with the assurance that their business is in compliance with applicable governmental regulations.

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