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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Creative Legal Counsel for Business

Legal services are often measured in terms of experience and reputation. With this foundation in place, Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell is well-positioned to represent the interests of larger institutions on a broad range of significant, complex issues.


Business Entities, Corporation, LLC & Other Entities

Planning, forming, and managing a business is a fruitful and rewarding venture, ... but it can also be complicated. Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell, P.C. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients from advice about the most appropriate form of business entity, to tax planning, to management structure, to retirement, succession, and exit strategies of the principals. We have found that many divisive, contentious and expensive legal issues that impact businesses can be lessened, and often eliminated altogether, by thoughtful planning at crucial stages of the existence of the business.

We enable our clients to do what they do the best to conduct their business while we assist with contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, and documenting the affairs of the business. Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell, P.C. offers a team of professionals who specialize in all facets of creating, managing, and growing businesses of every size. Our attorneys provide legal advice through all phases of strategy, business development, and corporate governance - from the technical requirements of new entities to ongoing advice regarding complex business affairs.

We assist small, family-owned ventures as well as larger corporations in business matters such as formation, financing, contract negotiations, taxation, employment agreements, and reorganization. Because of our broad experience, and depth of knowledge we are also able to provide counsel in related areas of business law - from real estate transactions to litigation to employment law.

With 45 years of helping Connecticut businesses organize, grow, and prosper, our experienced legal team assists clients through the complicated ins and outs of structuring and managing a business built for success.

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