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Many individuals perceive the legal system as vastly complex and confusing.
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Family Law, Divorce, & Custody

Divorce, custody, alimony, child support, and visitation cases often present the most emotional, stressful, and challenging times in one’s life. The family and divorce attorneys of Parrett Porto Parese & Colwell, P.C. provide effective and experienced legal advice which is needed to resolve such family and domestic disputes. Our Hamden, Connecticut-based team of family and divorce lawyers will help ensure that the stress associated with divorce and custody issues is balanced with the knowledge that your interests are being protected and represented.

From resolving the financial issues of child support and alimony matters to navigating the often litigious visitation and custody cases, it is our goal to zealously represent our clients while simultaneously being sensitive to their emotional needs. An effective divorce attorney balances these important factors as well as other considerations. We will ensure that our clients understand the legal process, court proceedings, and negotiations. We believe in having our clients fully participate in and remain informed throughout all stages of their case. We will be available and responsive to our clients, stressing the importance of regular communications and meetings.

Each domestic case presents its own unique challenges and issues, requiring sensitivity to the client’s particular needs. It is important to this firm to understand the desires of each client and provide thoughtful, experienced, and personalized advice at a critical point in our clients’ lives. You will receive effective and knowledgeable counsel from our divorce attorneys and a reliable guide to navigate the uncertainties and stresses of divorce and custody matters.

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