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Zoning & Land Use Attorney Group

We understand that the phrase “time is money” is particularly applicable to property development. Land use and development is an area of the law that requires comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship of local, state and federal laws and regulations. The zoning and land use attorneys at Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell, P.C. counsels developers from individuals to multi-national corporations on the legal issues involved in planning and developing sites for industrial uses, commercial and office complexes, shopping centers, subdivisions, and other development projects. When undertaking commercial land development, having a knowledgeable and experienced zoning and land use lawyer can make the difference between progress and problems.

Our land use attorneys are experienced in all phases of land development and the impact of zoning and land use regulations, wetlands permitting, coastal area management, site planning, conservation easements, and environmental remediation and compliance. We work with our myriad clients to assure that all aspects of zoning, wetlands, environmental and other land use regulations are seamlessly integrated and implemented.

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