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Labor and Employment Law

In today’s complicated business world, employer-employee relationships, and the various complications that can arise from these relationships, are extremely important to the smooth operation of any business. With the recent, and not so recent changes in employment law at both the federal and state level, employers and employees need to be aware of their respective rights and obligations under the law. The attorneys at Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell law firm who practice in the area of employment law, are keenly aware of the importance of the law as it applies to both employers and employees, and the developments and nuances that often change in this field.

Our experienced team of employment law attorneys at Parrett, Porto, Parese, & Colwell understands that employment issues often affect entire businesses, as well as individual lives. We offer practical guidance on employment and labor law, which means our clients can more effectively and efficiently protect their businesses and the individual rights and benefits that they are entitled to. The labor and employment law team at Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell are experienced litigators and have represented both employer and employees before the various federal and state courts, before the appropriate state and federal agencies having jurisdiction over employment matters such as CHRO and EEOC, as well as before the Worker’s Compensation Commission, when necessary.

For over four decades, we've advised and represented clients in issues surrounding employment law, including areas such as:


  • Americans with Disabilities Act compliance

  • Affirmative Action planning

  • Civil Rights

  • Job interviews

  • Compliance with the Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OHSA)

  • Employment disputes

  • Wrongful termination issues

  • Age, gender, national origin and related issues

  • Family Medical Leave

  • Salary, wage and hour issues

If you have any questions, or if the need should arise, please feel free to contact one of the Hamden-based employment law attorneys below to discuss the employment issues involved. They stand ready to represent your interest and guide you through the complex area of employment law.

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