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Legal services are often measured in terms of experience and reputation. When these elements are combined with knowledge of protocol, procedure and substantive law, the foundation for useful legal advice is established. With this foundation in place, Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell is well-positioned to represent the interests of larger institutions on a broad range of significant, complex issues.

Parrett, Porto, Parese & Colwell also recognizes the needs of small to mid-size businesses. We possess extensive experience in serving these clients. We understand the problems and opportunities they may encounter. Our service to these clients is characterized by our understanding of their business community. We appreciate the nuances of local processes, court systems, and protocols. We are involved, and take an active role in local political, civic, charitable and trade organizations.


Many individuals perceive the legal system as vastly complex and confusing. One of our missions is to translate the applicable law into clear and concise terms to provide a better understanding of the goals and objectives to be advised.

We have experience resolving issues ranging from personal injury, to estate planning and domestic relations. In each case our approach combines legal knowledge, with experience in the application of the law. We work closely with our clients to achieve fair and meaningful results, which meet their objectives and satisfy their needs.